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Teknopark Istanbul Acceptance

JAZARI POWERTRAIN is proudly announcing their plans of relocation after receiving an acceptance to Teknopark Istanbul, where the new site is located at the 3. Etap B Blok (

Teknopark Istanbul ( is an ecosystem complex that brings together entrepreneurs who offer innovative and technology-based business ideas with local and global investors. Techno parks, whose principal purpose is to increase the wealth of the society by supporting the culture of innovation and competitiveness of knowledge-based companies, manage and promote the flow of information and technology between universities, R&D institutions, firms, and the sector.

JAZARI POWERTRAIN will benefit from 1000 square meter in two main locations of around 500 square meters each; they will be operated as Headquarter and RD&I offices, and testing and prototyping labs.

The relocation is planned to take place within the first quarter of 2023.

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